The TechFort Group will redevelop UK’s most impressive fortress into a cutting-edge and world-renowned technology hub. The technology campus will house within it an exciting co-working environment with advanced and unprecedented facilities, supporting an ecosystem of start-ups and early-stage technology firms and large corporates to create, strategise, launch, expand and achieve their full business potential. The primary goal is to deliver a world class campus that drives innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a place for the UK’s creative minds to work, collaborate, network, learn and grow into successful businesses.

The TechFort, with the aide of an internationally recognised group of partners, will have a focus on sustainability, education, training and impact investments.

The hub will also create employment opportunities for a pool of local and international talent while fostering strong relationships with local, and international educational providers. The Techfort presents an exciting and compelling proposition to regenerate this incredible site, serving as a catalyst to attract the next-generation businesses that will create lasting positive change while also delivering substantial returns. These will include but are not limited to an improved and lasting effect on local gross domestic economic activity, job creation, apprenticeships, private sector, inward investment, increased housing stock, and a highly skilled workforce nurtured within a world-class technology and entrepreneurship community.

As part of an extended offering, in this incredible grade II listed building, we will be creating the most unique ‘away day/lock down location’ for corporates and startups to maximise efficiency outside of the office. This space will also provide the chance to unwind, enjoy the beautiful views and relax in the spa, as part of a balanced lifestyle to get away from the hustle of everyday life.

The TechFort will be a beacon to the UK, where the next wave of visionaries and entrepreneurs will be born.

– TechFort Group